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Inter- Property Outlet Requestions - Reporting recipe accounts



  • Jessica Sanderson

    Hi Rose, 

    Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay in coming back to you.  I have started to look into your query but would just need some additional information from you.  Could you tell me exactly what steps you have taken so far, have you created a recipe with the cake and the box?  And also, could you confirm which property you have done this in, you can send the additional detail via Josh if you prefer.

    Kind regards


  • Rose Puett

    Hi Jess,

    Josh has the general back ground on this but we created a recipe for the cake and then a recipe for the box so the two could be moved together in the IPOR as one master recipe. The properties Flatiron and Downtown are moving recipes to the new Lafayette location.

    We have many many recipes set up this way as it was suggested as the best way to track the inventory. I am attaching a picture for reference. Our concern here is that we can only see a FOOD movement not a COLLATERAL one. 


    Let me know !

  • Jessica Sanderson

    Dear Rose, 

    Once a recipe is created it will be assigned only one account so once the sub recipe is added to the main recipe, just like products, it becomes part of the main recipe.  In this example the recipe will be created in SAFO Downtown (minus products and sub recipe here) then the created recipe as a whole will be moved to the ordering property at SAFO Flatiron,

    If the desire is to have the collateral go to a different account on the ordering property then the food and collateral will need to be requisitioned on separate recipes.  However, you can sell the recipe that contains both for correct stock deduction at the point of sale. 

    I hope this helps.




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