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    Mary Wnek

    Good afternoon Manny,

    Currently there is not a option in the staff journal to do such customization but, It is great feed back and I will reach out to my development team so they can consider that when making future enhancements of our software. 


    Thanks again!

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    Julie Hiatt

    I agree, I was just looking for the configure option for the staff journal.  It looks like this request was made over a year ago, any progress towards making it happen?

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    Nicole Panconi

    We would like to use this for a training tracker.  I would like to customize what is listed under Evaluation Type, Topic, Action Taken.

    Please add this to your enhancements!


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    Julie Hiatt

    Nicole, While we have been waiting for HotSchedules to get Custom Staff Journals in the programming map we have found a work around for training tracking.  We use the Certifications and have named them after the training threshold we are tracking (i.e. 30 Day Menu Test, Bar Training, Etc.)  We enable the certification and set an expiration date for the date that the employee needs to have completed the training module.  Once they have completed the training, we uncheck the "enable" box next to that certification.  I was able to set these up by contacting Customer Care.


    There are many additional reasons that the ability to customize the Staff Journal would be helpful.  This is just one work around that has worked well for our group.


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