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Pausing Employment



  • Billy Waters

    Hi Jovita

    This can be done by suspending an employee but they will continue to accrue holiday etc. If this is not whats wanted then they must be terminated and rehired.



  • Lia Villarreal Cruz

    Thanks for the answer - will it ever be a way to stop employees from accruing holidays when going on Sabbatical leave? This has been mentioned and suggested in the past but I don't think it has been sorted which is in our case causing lots of issues. 

    Employees' requests for sabbaticals continue to increase and it is our policy that they don't accrue holidays when granted. However we can't stop the holiday accrual on the system and need to calculate this separately and tell them verbally what they can't take from the total allowance.

    Could someone please look into it and give a solution?


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