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Configure internal transfers/ recipe cards



  • Chris Webb

    Hi Mahmoud,

    For internal transactions such as outlet requisitions and transfers we do use the inventory cost but it isn't the inventory cost that you see on the product master.  Every item will have a specific inventory cost for each outlet depending in the transaction history for the item within the outlet.  For example in outlet A the inventory cost might be £27.50 but in outlet B the inventory cost for the same item might be £26.00.  The inventory cost you see on the product master screen is just an average inventory cost.  The cost that is used in the transaction would be from the issuing outlet, in the example above £27.50

    From the Product master screen if you click on the Inventory button you will see the inventory cost for each outlet that holds the item (which may be different for each outlet)

  • Mahmoud Matar

    Hello Chris, 

    Thank you for your response, 

    Let me elaborate more on this:

    We have a main storerooms that supply different outlets, everymonth we have inventory deviation due to this issue.

    I suspect that the purchase cost is the cost of the item without adding freight and other cost related to the item that we add while receiving the item. if it is not the case, what is the difference between purchase cost and inventory cost?

    Thank you 



  • Chris Webb


    The purchase cost that you see in the product master screen is not used at all in internal transactions.  It is always the inventory cost that is used for internal transactions.  However, discrepancies between the value of what you have purchased and the value of what you have moved internally could be a result of additional charges as you suggest.

    For things like taxes, freight and other additional charges Rates are used to add these costs to purchases over and above the quoted purchase price for an item and depending on how you have set up these rates will determine whether these additional costs are included in the inventory cost of an item.

    As per the sample below this delivery charge has been configured to be included in the inventory cost of the item.

    On the product master screen the purchase cost will be the last price you have received the item at whereas the inventory cost will be the average inventory cost for your property which as I mentioned will not necessarily be the same as the outlet specific inventory cost which is used in internal transactions.

    If you want to see and understand the costs used for internal transactions I would suggest you look at the Bin Card report which will shows the costs used for transactions.

    Hope that clarifies.



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