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Adaco Recipe Outlet Requisitions depleting raw materials vs Interface Sales Depletion of Recipe/Menu item


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  • David Fournier

    Good morning Steven Barath,

    Thank you for your queries & we appreciate your patience as we looked into this further.

    In regards to the first scenario, that is fairly common amongst our customers when they first start utilizing a POS integration-- either 'Validate Stock' is enabled & the Adaco: Processing Point of Sale (POS) Data screen is used to reconcile any issues or there will be variances due to transactions posting without sufficient inventory &/or recipes built.

    As general feedback, for operations where requisitioning helps to proactively control the movement of goods, this workflow does make sense-- thank you for providing the context.

    Onto your second question, all 'Recipe Creation' where raw ingredients are converted into recipes for issuing &/or sales are automated based on the requisitions/transfers/sales-- there is no mechanism within the system to allow for a user to convert/create recipes from raw ingredients for tracking, inventory, etc.

    The inventory itself can also be done at the recipe or raw ingredient level; however, the values are maintained at the recipe level versus being "exploded out" into the raw ingredient values. This will result in quantity variances between recipes & raw ingredients but the currency value should balance if the recipes are built accurately & any transactions/wastage has been recorded properly.

    Neither of the proposals related to your second question have been raised formerly but if either or both would benefit your operation, please raise as 2 separate posts in: Ideas: Adaco | Inventory | Hotels.





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