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Ability to Enable/Disable "Copy Product" Option at Property Level through User Groups Access



  • Pritesh Patel

    Hey Abdul Jazzar

    Thanks for your question, 

    The "Copy Product" function is tied to the access right to Create Products, as you are in essence creating a new product but copying certain data from an existing product. Access rights around Products can be found on the following article: Adaco: Changing Product and Vendor Property Access Rights in User Groups

    If you have a CP structure then the "Copy Product" function is determined by the Property Privileges settings at CP, if you have "Allow Creating Products" enabled, then the child properties will have the ability to create & copy products at the child property level, if you have the setting disabled, then the child properties will not have the ability to create & copy products at the child property level,

    Hope this helps, 




  • Abdul Jazzar

    Thanks Pritesh, 

    I am aware of the above functionalities. The issue is that "Create & Copy" are part of the same setting. Either a user can create & copy or not. 

    We have scenarios where a user in a French Property (default language French) will copy a product on child property, even though the user will input the new name for the product, the record on CP will not be updated as it has a different default language (which is an expected behaviour & functionality for managing products/translations) 

    The idea was to split the "Create/Copy" access right, as users often copy products at child properties and have no access to CP to update language translations.  




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