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Adaco Ordering App Not Showing Photos



  • Randall Alonso

  • Randall Alonso

    A couple more questions from this screen.  The VPN is not syncing to the Vendor's number, it is duplicating the Internal Product Code?  Also, where can I add the information for the fields Minimum Order, Order Increment, or Additional Infromation.  What fields do these go to at location and/or CP?

  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Randall Alonso,

    Thank you for your queries.

    The Ordering App is currently linked with 3 of Fourth's Purchasing solutions, Adaco & 2 others-- we have identified some of these inconsistencies with the data available from those solutions & our Product team will be looking to enhance the user experience for the Ordering App based on customer feedback for the fields/features that are most useful.

    A couple of high-level notes from previous discussions we've had as cross-functional teams within Product / Solution Success:

    1. Support for images from Adaco is defined on our product roadmap but has not yet been prioritized into a planned release
    2. Uniquely with Adaco, the 'Vendor' is the core-Adaco application itself as Mobile Orders become Purchase &/or Outlet Requisitions so they are not directly tied to a Vendor; further, 1 Product can be associated to multiple vendors so any development would need to include how to display in that scenario
    3. Minimum Order, Order Increment, & Additional Information fields are not currently supported via Adaco due in part similarly to point 2

    As & when enhancements are released, we will publish in: Release Notes & update the Adaco Mobile: Ordering App article.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions on this topic or if you would like to upvote/comment on existing customer requests or raise your own regarding our P2P Mobile applications, please do so in: Ideas: P2P Mobile Apps.





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