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  • Chris Webb

    Hi Randall,

    Adaco is capable of exporting invoices to Accounts Payable systems in a number of different ways which range form fully automated to something that requires some user intervention (typically that would mean exporting from Adaco and then importing to the AP system) but this is dependent on what capability the AP system has to import invoices from an external source.  I would suggest that as a first step you find out if and how your AP system can import invoices and then we can do our part to work to whatever format your system requires.  You may need to contact the vendors of your AP system to find this out.

    If your AP system is capable of ingesting invoices from an external source then please raise a case with your Customer Care / Success point of contact who will be able to initiate the required work on our side.  Please be sure to include any documentation provided by your AP system vendor.


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