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Welcome screen - invoices pending approval


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  • Chris Webb

    Hi Kristen,

    There isn't any setting to include Invoice Approvals on the welcome screen; unfortunately this is not something that is currently supported in the core Adaco application.  However we do show all approvals, either requisition or invoices in the dashboard within the Fourth App so would suggest that this is the best place to both see and action any approvals.  As well as showing any approvals requiring your attention you can also receive a notification telling you when there is something new to approve and from within the app you can either approve or reject the item or if you require more detail you select "Open Adaco" to see more details of the item you are approving.

    That said, if you are still keen to see the Invoice Approvals on the welcome page of the core application I would suggest posting this as an idea in our Ideas Portal which is used in shaping the future roadmap of our product.


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