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Adaco Counting App



  • Alfredo Vazquez

    Same thing happened to me this month end. I actually opened a ticket with Fourth so they can check this. 

  • Kristen Turner

    Alfredo Vazquez thank you for sharing this, we are very new to BAU so it's great to know it's not just us!

  • Kay Capell

    Good day Kristen, 

    Apologies that you have experienced this issue with the counting app.  As this is a technical issue, it will require our technical team to investigate further. 

    May I kindly request that you raise a support ticket for this issue and once created I can then drop a note into the case indicating it is the same issue which Alfredo also experienced.

    For reference to raise technical support tickets is outlined within this article Customer Success Portal: Raising and Managing Support Requests – Fourth & HotSchedules Customer Success Portal.


    Kay Capell



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