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How do I complete the template to request a reconfiguration?


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  • Ross Kenworthy

    Which Customer is the request for?

    This is the billing account name

    Customer Contact / Customer Contact Email / Customer Contact Phone Number

    This is contact details of the on site contact who is authorised to sign off the engineer job sheet

    Which Location (full address) is the request for?

    Full address and Postcode of where the engineer needs to attend.

    How many devices are on site?

    How many devices are there at this location that need to be reconfigured.

    What are the UINs of these devices?

    This is the Unique Identifying Number of the device. You will find this in the T&A Sales Case report that was sent to you with the template. You can also find it on the physical device by following the guidance here Finding the Unique Identification Number of a device – Fourth & HotSchedules Customer Success Portal

    Accounting System Code of location

    This is the Location code used to determine your site within your Portal. After logging into your Portal, go to HR -> Company Admin -> Locations -> Select Location, you'll then see a box that says "Accounting System Code"

    What Fixed External IP should be configured for this location?

    This is the Fixed External IP (also known as Public IP) for that location

    What Ports have been enabled for the devices?

    Which external TCP port has been allocated to the device? We recommend using 3734 and then increment by 1 for multiple devices (i.e. 3734 for Device 1, 3735 for Device 2, 3736 for Device 3)

    Has the customer confirmed that the ports have been NAT'd?

    Can you confirm that you have applied the Port Address Translation detailed in this document SY-785 Migration - Reconfiguring SY-785 Devices to connect by Synergy Connect Middleware – Fourth & HotSchedules Customer Success Portal



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