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Start of the holiday year



  • Jamie Wharton

    Hello Violeta Santamaria and Sam Curry

    You are unable to make the changes to individual employees you can however make the change to all employees by selecting "Taken from employee start date" which will calculate using the employee's start date instead of their holiday start date.

    The setting can be changed by following the below path.

    HR > Administration > Global settings > Edit default holiday settings  > Holiday calculations > Tick below setting > Save.

    I hope this helps.

  • Sam Curry

    thanks Jamie. We already have this selected, but this will simply pro rata the holiday entitlement from start date to "company holiday end date"?

     It will then reset after one year to then start from 1st May.

  • Jamie Wharton

    Hi Sam.

    The setting is in relation to how many years they have worked so with the setting enabled their increments would be applied from their start date and on the anniversary any increments would then be applied as set in the job title's holiday settings.

    With the setting disabled, they would have increments applied at the start of the holiday year.

    If your query is in regard to employees' total allowance.

    The system already accounts for employees who start part-way through the holiday year and amends their allowance accordingly by a factor.

    For example, an employee who has an allowance of 20 days but started halfway through the year would then have their allowance halved to 10 days.

    I hope this helps.

  • Sam Curry

    Sorry Jamie i think we are crossing wires here.


    my question is...

    can employee holiday entitlement start from employee start date and then finish 1 within year of that date. 


    employee starts 1st July 22 and has 25 days holiday until 30th June 23.

    employee then on 1st July 23 has a full renewed entitlement of 25 days until June 24.

    Our system is currently fixed to a holiday year 1st May to 30th April.

    example employee would start 1st July and receive pro rata 25 days annual leave (17 days) and would need to use these by end of April, at which point 1st May the full 25 renews.

    This causes our business a lot of issues as we see a huge number of holidays being used in March/April as employees are using up what they have not yet taken, where as if the holiday renewal date was scattered we would see a more even uptake of holiday throughout the year.


  • Jamie Wharton

    Hello Sam.

    I understand now, I don't believe there is the functionality in the system to be able to do this.
    I'd advise posting this on our 'Ideas' part of the Customer Success Portal using the below link (you will need to be signed in):

    This will then be reviewed and further communication will be through your post on the Customer Success Portal.


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