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Approval/Rejection Comments – Add to Email & Fourth App notifications

Not planned



  • Samuel Randles
    Thanks for your suggestion! We value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to share your
    Your idea has been reviewed and is now currently marked as ‘OPEN FOR VOTING.’ Our Product
    team regularly review ideas to understand which requests may complement our existing solutions and
    benefit all our customers. If we decide to take your idea forward, we will let you know by updating the

    In the meantime, for any other customers who supports this idea, get voting!
    Many thanks
  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    It would also then be helpful for the existing auto generated email to contain that text so it reaches the person who made routed for it for approval. This would then help us get away from having to create a separate email in outlook and copying and pasting info etc to explain the reason for the rejection.

    My understanding is that with the current auto generated emails, when a recipe is approved or rejected, it sends to the person who created the recipe originally. Can this be changed to go to the person who routed it for approval instead as part of the above idea?

    The contribution above is from Anna Bayliss who also raised an idea similar to this in another post. To avoid duplication it has been moved here, please upvote and comment on this idea! 

  • Steven Barath

    Agreed!  the communication platform already exists, just to add additional pertinent data, saving time.

  • Anna Bayliss

    I forgot to add, would it be possible for the auto generated emails which are part of the recipe approval process to also include the associated active recipe number and the recipe name . They currently only contains the draft number.

  • Jason Hall

    I certainly in agreement with this suggestion. it would also be good that the auto generated response be sent to all persons in the routing table so each would be aware of the action taken and the reason.


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