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How to add holidays to roata after a bank holiday load has been completed



  • Oliver Proctor

    Hi Kasia Rupotacka,

    thanks for raising this query with us on the communities,

    I can confirm that uploaded holidays via the back end will appear in the front end of HR and Rotas, however, they will not appear in Scheduling.

    Payroll pulls holiday payments (and other payments) from Rotas as long the holidays are uploaded in advance of the relevant week being submitted.

    Kind regards,

    Oliver Proctor

  • Kasia Rupotacka

    Hi Oliver, 

    Thank you for looking into this. Could you please double check this as I can see that the Bank Holiday (07/04) is showing on Scheduling?

    Thank you, 


  • Oliver Proctor

    Hi Kasia Rupotacka

    I'll raise a technical ticket and liaise with you further by email as we'll need more information to look into this.


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