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Notice Period


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  • Nikita Birdsey

    Good afternoon, 


    I hope you are well. 


    Notice periods can be reported on in a Custom Report which can be created via the path below. 


    HR>Reports>Customised Reports>Create Template>Create the name as required and Employee Details Report for Report Type>This will then open to the group Employee Details, select then options as required for what you would like to report on> On report group, select entitlements and on this page you can select notice period>Once you have completed this as required and can then select run report. 


    If the notice periods aren't set up for employees, this can be amended via the path below. 


    HR>Employees>Employee List>Search and select the employee required to amend the notice period for>Employee HR Info>Entitlements>Notice period can be amended as required and saved. 

    I hope this helps. 




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