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How do you decline Holidays



  • William Bainbridge

    Hi Sarah, 

    I hope you're well today. 

    You can decline holidays for employees (including Head Office related roles) by following the below pathway: 

    HR > Holidays and Absences > Employees Holidays > Search and Select Employee > Click on requested/unauthorised holiday > Drop down box: Decline > Save

    I hope this helps to clear any confusion. Be sure to get back if you have any further questions regarding this query. 

  • Sarah Bwalya

    Hi William Bainbridge,

    Thank you for this.

    If an employee requests 2 weeks holiday and I want to decline with a message, I would have to go into each day and repeat the process 5 times? 

    Thank you

  • William Bainbridge

    Hello, no problem. 

    Yes, you'd need to go to each day and decline/leave a message as some holiday days may be accepted in the 2 week duration, whilst others may not be.


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