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Receiving - Posting Period



  • Jessica Sanderson

    Hi Alfredo,
    Thank you for your question.
    It is possible to prevent users posting into an inventory period as this is controlled via user group access.

    Please find below a link to the article regarding managing user groups

    The particular access right you are looking for can be found in the user groups settings under Inventory - Enter Physical Inventory and remove access to Post While Inventory in Progress.

    By turning off this access right users will only be able to post into the current period and will no longer have the option to post into the inventory period.

    I hope this helps



  • Alfredo Vazquez

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm looking just to remove the access of the "Receiving" process not posting into the inventory period but leave the options under the Outlet Requestion and Transfer options. Is this possible?


  • Jessica Sanderson

    By turning off this access right users will not have the ability to post anything into the inventory period including transfers and requisitions. 


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