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Release Note: Adaco: Restricted Access to Property Administration Settings



  • Richard Felsher

    I totally agree with your assessment of the updates recently done. Our corporate food service team and corporate IT have had the same division of labor on user rights for a decade. It all changed over night and the easy has become difficult. Seemingly for no reason. And some of the things we have been doing for 6-7 years were things that Fourth/Adaco no longer wanted to do at the time.  Scratching our heads on this set of updates.

  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon Steven Barath for your post & Richard Felsher for your additional comments.

    This functionality change was made based on several factors including:

    • to more closely align Adaco with other Fourth solutions that restrict administrative changes post-implementation
    • to reduce Technical Support tickets & corrective exercises due to users making changes that result in adverse effects to system behavior or data integrity
    • to allow legacy customers to better control access to the administrative menus & focus internal queries to a specific user

    We have identified a couple of immediate areas which our development team is addressing, e.g. the General/Inventory & Message of the Day submenus.

    In addition, based on customer feedback, we are planning to incorporate Out of Office functionality in a future release.

    As always, if there are specific enhancements to Adaco that you wish to raise to our development team & the wider community, please do so here: Ideas: Adaco | Inventory | Hotels




  • Steven Barath

    Hi David,

    perhaps then your team will allow the property to have one additional user, OR shift some of the items to Property Setup rather than Admin.  The features which can be turned on or off have little to no impact on the core behavior of the system, like shelf life or the ones i have mentioned already also along with Reports Usage. Recipe, as an example we turn on and off the recipe routing depending on what we are working on etc if i am modifying recipes then i have to approve them all myself.


  • Steven Barath

    good afternoon;

    please release the Report Module access just as you did for message of the day; 

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Steven Barath,

    Thanks for your post here. The best way to raise this with our development team and wider community is to create a new post here -  Ideas: Adaco | Inventory | Hotels. If you can include one or two lines that explain the benefit that your proposed change would make, that should increase its chances of being voted for and considered for development.

    With best wishes,
    Fourth Communities Team

  • Chris Webb


    Just to let you know that in the next Adaco release which is due for deployment on 21st and 23rd of February we have added the option to assign a second user access to the Administration settings.
    Details of this are in the release notes here

  • Richard Felsher

    Awesome. Thank you and much appreciated.

  • Steven Barath

    Thank you so much.


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