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    Kane Mobley



    Slack is awesome! It delivers fast and concise data when and where you need it most.

    The Logbook is, by design, meant to capture specific points of the day over specific issues or victories and capturing that data and saving it for later review. It provides not a platform for instant communication, but a platform for a concise, detailed view of the inner running of the store. 

    - Good/bad days

    - Great/moderate sales

    - Scheduling maintenance

    - Posting reviews on employees to schedule follow ups with there managers


    Slack in my honest opinion is well utilized when trying to contact people who are not in the store or to provide instant updates with pinned items. (Logbook does this as well!) 

    For example: 


    Sat. 21st of October - ICE NOT POURING OUT OF MACHINE 

    - Called the maintenance guy and he should be here around 2pm to fix the ice machine.

    - Notified all managers on Slack, please see pinned items in the channel.



    Sat. 21st of October - WE DID IT! 

    - Had a successful night tonight despite the weather

    - Over 3000+ dollars over what we projected in sales

    - Great job to all the managers and employees on duty.




    I would say that both have there strong points, But each bring there own qualities to the table.

    If you would like, I can submit an enhancement request on your behalf to get an "instant messaging system" reviewed.

    These requests are reviewed quarterly by the Dev team.


    If you have any questions please email us at or give us a call at 877-720-8578.

    Kind Regards,


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