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Mobile app needs 2 features that are available online, but not through app!

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  • Official comment
    Clare Parsons

    Hello, Derek.


    Thanks so much for your feedback and enthusiasm! We are always looking for ways to improve our product in order to enhance the experience for our clients. 


    Regarding the ability to receive push notifications pertaining to schedule changes, please navigate to your menu icon in the app and click on Settings. Once there, please select Preferences. In your Preferences you will see that you can select Notifications and customize your push notifications that come across your phone, the first of which is Schedule Change. If this is turned off, please ensure that it is turned on for optimal performance. In the case that this feature is turned on and you are not receiving notifications pertaining to changes that affect your scheduled shifts, please contact Customer Care at 877.720.8578 so that we can further troubleshoot the issue for you.


    Your enhancement request about viewing punches from the app has been submitted. I look forward to seeing it on the road map for future updates!  

  • Brian Pearson

    To Derek's point:  "I don't get the notice of adjustments to hours on the mobile app, only online"

    I'm working with two companies who want this as well.


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