Splitting shifts option available for Shift LEaders



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    Kody Hurst

    Hello Sheldon, 


    Thank you for contacting Customer Care, I hope this message finds you well. The primary contact of your organization can request to have a new permission set created so the Shift Leaders have access to the scheduler with out having access to the other tabs you would rather them not see. Have your Primary contact email us at customercare@hotschedules.com or call us at (877) 720-8578 with the details of the desired access and we will be happy to assist with this request. 




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    Sheldon Calicott

    Hey Kody,

    To follow up to this comment, I had our primary contact request to have a new permission set created but they said that it was not possible to do this. They did change the setting where prefer not to work will no longer be an option and only prefer to work or time off needed are available options.

    Do you have any advice on resolving this issue? Below is a copy of the email they sent in regards to not being able to adjust permission settings:

    Sydney Ford (HotSchedules)

    Oct 9, 14:32 CDT

    Good Afternoon Bob,

    I am following up to inform you that I have made an adjustment to the Time off & Request features so that only "Time Off Needed" and "Prefer to Work" are available to your users.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to adjust the Shift Leader permission set to access scheduling. These users would need to be assigned to one of the scheduling permission sets in order to access this (Scheduling - average wage might be the best option in this case). I do apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please let me know if I may further assist.

    Thank you,

    Sydney Ford | Customer Care Technician | MX Support: 877-844-5313 | General Support: 877-720-8578

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