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    Kane Mobley



    They have the ability to do this already.

    As long as they set the "Effective" Date on the availability page (Settings > Personal) they can submit either there weekly or bi weekly availability. They can even set up from week to week if it varies that much.

    They just need to set it up in the Settings > Personal section of there Profile on HotSchedules.

    I have attached this screen shot as an example. As long as they are filling this out, and it gets approved, it should update the scheduling tabs as well as reporting.

    You can also share this article with your team members in case if they need further assistance:  HS - Adjusting Your Availability (Blue UI) 


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,



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    Sheldon Calicott

    Hey Kane,

    I don't believe my point was addressed. I was talking more about the number of hours an employee prefers to get each week. This is a separate number from all of the hours they are available. For instance, I have some high schoolers who are available 3pm-close but since they are in school and have other obligations they can work maybe 16 hours a week so I try to schedule them enough shifts without giving them too many hours. 

    If this information could be entered by their availability and show up on the scheduling tab underneath their name by the total number of hours scheduled for that week it would save me the time it takes to compare their total number of hours for the week to their preferred number. 

    I know of another Chick-fil-A that does this and it would benefit them too.


    Thank You!

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