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iCal calendar sync

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  • Daniel Wilcox

    I'm using Google calendar. Industry standard for digital calendars is to have access to a *.ics file that can synchronize across systems. This allows the user more control and flexibility. Is it possible using your software to access that? Another user at this similar question here:

  • Matthew McKay

    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for reaching out to us here. Unfortunately, I do not have solid answers to these questions for you at this time - that being said, these are great inquiries and I would love to get these into the hands of our team for additional investigation. Please send an email with these inquiries to our support team at Once in our ticketing system, we can get these questions the full investigation and answers that they deserve.


  • Eldon Sproule

    If you are using ical or syncing through the iPhone app, hot schedules will post to whatever calendar is set as your "default" calendar.

  • Roxanne Arneson

    G'Morning Daniel,

    I'd be more than happy to answer any of your inquiries. Can you please let me know what model of phone you have, what you meant by choose calendar and are you using our app with any other type of calendar app? Once I receive this information I'll start the troubleshooting process for you. Hope it's been an awesome Saturday morning and if you're just waking up, GOOD FOR YA!! Thanks.




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