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    Sydney Ford

    Hello Chris,


    Thank you for contacting Customer Care! HotSchedules will allow you to view your co-workers through your account based on the "departments" or schedules that you are assigned. For example, if you are assigned to the Server schedule, you will only be able to view other staff members assigned to the Server schedule as well. In order to view the entire staff list including those in other departments, you would have to be assigned to those schedules also. That is something that is up to your manager so I would recommend reaching out to them to see if they would consider making any changes.


    Thank you!

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    Sheldon Calicott

    Hello Sydney,

    I would like to follow-up with this comment and suggest that schedule be able to at least view every other schedule. The reasoning behind my request is at our store we have team members who only work register or nuggets and cannot see the PIC because they are in a different schedule. I have to send an extra document communicating who the PIC's are so that if they need to get a shift trade or contact leadership for that day they know who to contact. 

    If I assign everyone to the same schedule then when I try to write the schedule I am overloaded with a bunch of team members that cannot work in that schedule just so they can see who else works. Also, they would be able to pick up shifts in that schedule even though they are not approved to work in them.

    I understand limited what a team member can see when they are trying to pick up shifts so that they do not pick up anything they are not certified in, but they should be able to view other shifts on the days they work.

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    Annette Osbourne

    Hi am having issues with my hot schedule, I'm not able to assigned my store. And I would like to be updated and see what's going on and who work on my schedule days. I work at T4 at shake shake 37. But I dont even see no option to assign to that. It's sad. And I wanna swap shift with someone for next week. I dont see what I pay for if the apps still useless

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