Events Should Appear on Roster Report



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    Kane Mobley

    Hello Stephen,


    Thank you for contacting HotSchedules Customer Care! I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is not currently a function of the software. However, I would be glad to submit this suggestion on your behalf as an enhancement/modification request for our Product Team. These requests are reviewed and prioritized quarterly.


    Also, we encourage you to visit our Community and share your ideas there! Other customers can see your ideas and vote on them which gives our Product team great insight into what our customers would like to see. Our community link is listed below:



    We always welcome your suggestions to improve our services.


    Thank you!

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    Bo Harris

    It would be really handy to have that show at the top of the scheduling page as well so we could see upcoming events like sporting events and caterings as well.

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    Julie Hiatt

    Yes!!  Both of these applications of the Events information would be helpful.  Right now, the Events Page is just an independently operating tab that could be much, much more useful.

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