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Dual Fourth account

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  • Official comment
    Michael Hordern

    One other point:  The Fourth iOS or Android mobile app can only be logged into a single Fourth Account at a time.  This means they can only receive push notifications from one employer at a time.

    However, if one (or both) of their employers have a branded app (e.g. Pizza Express, Greene King, TRG, Wags, etc.) then your user can have both apps on their phone and so can be logged in to two separate Fourth Accounts at the same time - one in each app.  This means that they can receive separate push notifications from each employer.

  • Andrew McEvoy

    Hello Jovita Paraskevopoulou,

    Employees can use a single email address when they have multiple Fourth Account's.

    When a new Fourth Account is created, the username & email address will be matching if the username is available. If not, a unique system generated username is created in an email format, but the registered email address will match their personal email address. This typically occurs when the employee has multiple Fourth Account's due to their employment.

    In your scenario, the employee can login to either account, as long as they are using the correct username. This would have been received in the Welcome email.

    • If they are unsure what their username(s) are, they use this article: Engage Mobile: Username to send themselves a reminder email - Note: this will show all usernames associated with their email address.
    • If they have forgotten their password, they can use this article: Engage Mobile: Password Reset (SSO) to receive a Password Reset. Steps are included in the article.

    Once logged in, they can change their username by following this pathway: Home page > Expand Taskbar (3 parallel lines) >Select: Hi "Employee Name" > Edit (Pencil Icon) > Update Username > Save.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Many thanks,


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