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  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Keiwana Eaton,

    If you are referring to 'Vender Product Number' then it is not possible to do so. 

    Fourth Communities Team

  • Keiwana Eaton

    No, I'm referring to product numbers that are on the left side of each product description on a pick list.

  • Kay Capell


    These are Adaco product numbers which are system generated at the time of creation of the product and cannot be changed.  A vendor product number can be changed as this is the unique associated value of the product with it's vendor.

    Kay Capell

  • Richard Felsher

    From a fellow user standpoint, we use the merge detail and merge product feature to control the number of details for each product and the total number of products. Its especially useful now with all the supply chain issues and never really knowing what distributor will supply to cover shorts. 


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