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WFM Rotas: Preparing and Uploading Metric Files to FTP

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    Gordon Fraser

    The CSV upload includes location, can you upload metrics per division?  Eg we have 1 location on Fourth but multiple divisions for separate restaurants etc and would want to upload the appropriate budget, forecast and actual revenue by division rather than overall revenue for the location?

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    William Waters

    Hi Gordon, I  hope you are well.


    The way you would achieve this is by creating a metric per division - so rather than a single metric uploaded per division, you would create as an example, separate metrics for kitchen, restaurant, bar etc and you would then assign the metric just to the specific division.


    Many thanks,



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    Gordon Fraser

    Thanks Billy

    I understand what you are saying but if I wanted to upload Actual revenue per division so that it showed on the section at the top of the rota, I wouldn't be able to use metrics per division?

    Or would I have to create an Actual Revenue - Restaurant 1, Actual Revenue - Restaurant 2..... and assign these to the rota display? (If that is possible?)

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