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Adaco: Inventory Report by Property Report



  • Elaine Reilly

    The quantities and cost value for this report - is this based on current inventory period? if not what is the quantity based on.  is there a report which shows all inventory units for all hotels?

  • Pritesh Patel

    Hey Elaine Reilly

    Great question! - the quantities & costs that you see in this report are indeed based on the current Inventory on hand, however, the cost is a calculation of the current inventory on hand quantity at the Property multiped by the Inventory Cost to give you the Cost value that you see in this report, 

    In regards to your second point around a report that shows all inventory units for all hotels from CP, unfortunately there is not such a report. If this is something that you would like at CP, i would recommend posting this as an idea on our Ideas Portal to be reviewed by our Product Team,

    Hope this helps, 





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