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Engage Mobile: My Holidays in Employee Self Service (ESS)



  • Rachel Sutton

    Can you confirm what holiday can be deleted. Is this holiday in any week that has an open rota?

  • Wasima Rahman

    Hi Rachel Sutton,

    We have now updated the article to reflect the answer to your question. For your convenience, I will paste below the part of the article that answers your question.

    'If a Holiday has been booked in error or is not needed anymore, the request can be deleted even if already authorised. 

    Please note: Holidays can only be deleted if the day is in the future, or the rota week that contains the day has not been completed or submitted to payroll. To remove a holiday for a submitted rota, please speak to the Admin user within the Organisation.'

    Kind regards,
    Fourth & HotSchedules

  • Stephanie Santos Saga


    "To enable the My Holidays functionality" part It doesn't really show all the steps... Maybe I don't have access to it? It only shows me "HR Details" 

    and also how do I change my full name because it is wrong.  

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Stephanie Santos Saga,

    This may not show for all user profiles, please reach out to your Fourth contact for further support.

    Fourth Communities Team


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