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WFM UK: HR: Flow Integration Configuration


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  • Milan Horvath


    I'm seeking clarity on the above paragraph regarding continuous and payroll start date.

    Having read the above, my understanding is that the payroll start date within Fourth system is actually employees continuous service start date. I'm referencing to this:

    Amending the Payroll Start Date will update the main 'Start Date' field shown at the top of the page and will also have an impact on the employee's employment information (holiday allowance, etc).

    The Continuous Service Start Date is used for reporting only.

    I'm however unable to change the continuous service start date to any date which is earlier than payroll start date as I get the following message:

    The above doesn't let me understand how to resolve the error feed into Flow system as currently both dates are set with the same date and that is conflicting the Flow system.

    Can somebody shed some light on this further please?

    Thank you.


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