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    Kevin Boyer (Edited )
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    Tom Scott

    Which app can I download to add to my smartphone - android?

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    Stephen Shields

    Our Leadership Team cannot sign into the mobile app. What do you advise?

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    Chrissy Benjamin

    Never get texts

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    Brandi Canter

    Yeah on my acct. it gave myself too, the option to add my cell phone #, just bc, it said that i would get text message sent to my mobile phone when a schedule has posted & been made, if any kind of changes has been added to schedule, as well if schedule yet again has been motified. Also, it read too that if any shift i decide 2 pick up, swap, or need to request any days off then they would send me a text message to my mobile # that i provided on my acct. i also at the very bottom of that portion were it asks for your mobile # & stuff . I SURE DID INDEED CHECK MARK THAT SMALL SQUARE BOX THAT SAID "IF U ACCEPT THE TERMS & CONDITIONS" CHECK BOX. Ive Repeated & CHECK MARKED that box over & over again & I Still Yet HAVE NOT AT ALL WHAT SO EVERRRRR, RECIEVED THAT 1st TEXT MESSAGE ABOUT MY WORK SCHEDULE or ANYTHING ABOUT ANY SHIFTS THAT I MAY HAVE SWAPPED, REQUESTED OFF, &/or PICKED UP.. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD!!! Idk why it even would give you the option 2 add your mobile # so u can just recieve text messages instead of having 2 go on hotschedules website all time. ESPECIALLY, CONSIDERING THAT OPTION IS PRETTY MUCH INVALID BC, NO-1 HAS EVER RECIEVED ANY TEXT MESSAGE ABOUT ANY SHIFTS or SCHEDULES FROM THERE WORK...

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