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HS: How to Check the team Schedule (See All Schedules)



  • Edwin lara


  • David Gibson

    I am trying to get my schedule for this week!!!

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi David Gibson,

    If you cannot see your schedule, please reach out to your manager to see if they have posted it. 

    Kind regards,
    Fourth & HotSchedules

  • Nicholas Diaz

    This has to be the most complicated way to find my schedules When I Work is an app and website which is free way better.  


  • Nicola Powell

    I’m having a hard time I just wanna know who is my schedule for the week

  • Lawrençe Stoddard

    Call not find schedule

  • Hi Lawrençe Stoddard,

    If you log into your HotSchedules account and do not see any shifts under My Schedule, there could be different reasons why:

    • Schedule isn't posted: The scheduling manager has not posted the week's schedule. You will need to reach out to your scheduling manager to get an ETA on when the schedules will be posted
    • Schedule is posted, but you don't have any shifts: The schedule has been posted, but your manager did not add any shifts for you
    • You are logged into the wrong store: If you use HotSchedules for two jobs/stores, ensure you are logged into the correct one to see the right schedule

    If you need assistance determining if your schedules have been posted, please review this article: HS: Confirm Your Schedule is Posted.

    If your schedule has been posted, but you are trying to find how you can access it, please see: 

    Please note: If you are a new employee, the managers may have not added you to the schedule yet. Please reach out to your managers to confirm when your schedule will be posted.

    Fourth Communities Team


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